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we need to talk

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 19, 2017, 10:57 AM

the most wonderful bass solo ive ever heard in my life! <3
give me more!!!

also how are you guys and
hows your week going?

  • Listening to: country music
  • Reading: junk
  • Watching: life below zero
  • Playing: Breath of the wild
  • Eating: chik-fil-a
  • Drinking: rootbeer
:star: :star: THE RAFFLE HAS ENDED!!! :star: :star:
sorry it took so long i got distracted with some health issues, and also my husband got in a car accident today.
every time i want to do something its like things happen to prevent that!!!
so well the winner is #3
and thanks everyone who entered the raffle.
i cannot express how happy i am.
im going to try doing more of these
just not this week. or next week.

still thanks guys thank you so much!!!

haha well... it's spring time and that means Easter is coming up  and i wanted to sorta do a themed picture.
i tried to auction this off before as a YCH but it didn't get any offers so i fixed it up a bit and made black lines.
so i figured why not raffle it off for FREE!!!!

so here are the rules
be sure to read them because i can't help you if you don't even try!
:star: you DON'T have to be a watcher :star:
:star: if you want to enter comment below and tell me your fav food. :star:
:star: OPTIONAL if you don't mind post a journal featuring this raffle and link it back to here in your comment. :star:
(this is so maybe i could get enough people to actually participate in the raffle.)

other than that its that easy!

here is some other less important but still important info.
below is the work in progress or WIP of the pose
can be male or female. MUST be a pony or at least pony looking.
the image will be full color, no shading, with a background. (probably something flowery or just grass or something)
flowers can be different colors. -,- i just picked spring colored ones.
expression can change.  just thought the face was cute.

i will give you a number when you comment
and then on Monday run the numbers through a generator and announce the winner.

YCH sketch by SunButtCoyote

i do have 2 commissions right now so it might take me a little time to work on this.
i just thought i could do something and
get some participation going here on this page.
if you guys like this enough maybe i can do more of them.

thanks for reading.
-Meg/ Coyote

Skin made by pikadudeno1
with love ♥
  • Listening to: country music
  • Reading: junk
  • Watching: life below zero
  • Playing: Breath of the wild
  • Eating: chik-fil-a
  • Drinking: rootbeer
only a few more days till my 27th bday.

actually like 9 days!

im excited.
i really am i dont feel my age
i havent since i was 21.

ahh i just wanted to say im home
and sorry i wont be commenting on alot of the art that got posted.
over 500 something images and journals and polls.
ehh hope you guys are having a great week.

Howdy yall!
Buckwheat Chibi by SunButtCoyote
I might be a little slow on replies.
i wont be online very much
i do check DA and my discord but if I'm quiet I'm at a con.

:Star: i wont take any commissions till after Monday. :star:
so if i do not reply to you don't be upset
i promise ill get back to you.

have a good week and weekend


Sunday ill get to go to my first Rodeo!
gahh i cannot express my excitement!!!
super excited.
seems silly cause i work with horses every day but yeah
im really excited i hope i get to pet a cow or something i LOVE cows!

im kinda freaking out about what to wear.
silly though at least i dont have to be like what shoes do i wear!
of course.  -.-

ha! ahhh sorry
Equestrian humor!

hope you guys have a great weekend.
any takers?
i need an oc redesigned.
ive got a little bit of an idea for her.
but i need some help.
this is the oc if anyone is curious.
Laf ref by SunButtCoyote

ill draw an oc for you if you like.

this is just for sketches.
we dont have to get colorful or anything.

thanks if you read this.
thanks if you trade.

im struggling really hard with this.
i feel i dont have any connections with my ocs.

trying to help someone decide if my oc is a good romantic match for them
and i cant seem to decide that.
i feel like i have no say in my ocs interests.
how do i decide what kind of person she is?

i dont know if this is just a lack of inspiration on my part
or just a lack of imagination.

i generally cannot come up with design ideas
interesting color schemes
or story ideas.

most of my poses for ocs are normal side view profiles
nothing special.

maybe this happened after i decided the species i made was pretty stupid and no one liked it.
maybe i just gave up trying to create things..

and yet i still get faint ideas
i really want to take one of my ocs further and i keep coming across the same issues with her as well.

im not looking for some GRAND advice....but it would be great if someone had some idea
or if someone knew what this was like. i dont know or have any idea on how i might fix this issue.
i dont expect an answer from anyone.

anyone know any good simple and yet fun pony fan fic stories?
ive been really trying to get my own story going but i feel like im missing something.
so well i dont really know where to look or how to look for any stories for ponies.
any ideas?
things to consider and questions i have thought up and opinions i think i should listen to.

should i be charging more for commisson work?
(even though no on is buying my art, and i cant even give it away for free?)

how is someone using bases for ponies to make a profit getting more commissions than me?
(my art is original and in my own style, which is probably terrible yet this person uses bases and makes more profit and has more of a following.)

someone said i should charge for watermarks...
(id love to, but no one even wants them and they are free)

ideas, thoughts?

thanks for reading
where Theft of someones things or cutie mark is frowned upon.
the show id supposed to be directed at young girls. i get that...but we get tons of young teens
daily who join DA and want to make art but instead decide its easier to take someones art and trace it
editing it to the point they call it their own and act like everyone is rude for saying something about it.
this sort of thing happens way to often. a lot of artist take to making it a mission to report and remove these people
from DA. thats well and good, no harm really especially if you do it without berating the child.
however i use to be that way, reporting every little thing and speaking out against art theft.
i gave up a year or so ago because whats the point! DA hardly ever removes the image unless adequate proof is shown
and regardless of getting 1 or 2 images removed, some kids will post well over 30 pictures without any indication
on who made the image it takes hours if not days to search and back search all those images to find the originals so the
artist can have a chance to report the thief and have the art removed.
this sort of thing got out of hand and for me i stressed about it constantly.
so i stopped trying.
these days i see others doing this sort of thing and thats great.
i just wish there was a better way.
this is why i made such a big deal out of offering FREE WATERMARKS!
i will make you one, its free!! just send me a note.

back to the original point i was making... my little pony is very influential and i think it says a lot to people no matter what age
you are. i also believe since a lot of the theft i see now days is pony due to my current theme of drawings that if there was an episode
about this sort of thing it might help younger artists understand its not okay to do this sort of thing.
im mean seriously.
what good does it do to report someone if DA never bans them. they can just keep reposting art as much as they like.
i dont think anyone took the time to tell these kids that art is meant to be loved, and if it makes you want to draw the same art
do so, but do not trace it...and if you do, do not post it!
you know your doing something wrong and its like you want to get caught so you post it.
just dont.
know one will know and you can keep your art to yourself.
i myself have been known to do this. most of the time i end up tossing it these days because i try to draw it by just looking at it
and of course its never better than the original and never has the same quality i love!
this sort helps me cope with the fact that im not super awesome at drawing...but thats okay.

im still not as good as some pony artists but i still draw my ocs on my own
though i use bases from time to time.. (lazy coyote)

still i wish MLP would make an episode like that.
something that shows a pony stealing another ponies cutie mark and pretty much doing the same thing another pony does
because that pony has no idea how to do things on their own yet.
or something like a pony pretending to be a real giver of friendship who thinks twilight stole her if she was going to be the real princess of friendship.
something like that...
maybe it might help younger kids get this idea that its not okay...we are unique and thats okay!

Anyone interested in helping me out?
I have a draconequues oc and I haven't been able to think of a name or an idea for what he does in my world.
He's similar to a god. My world has 2 gods and I planned to make him one but I haven't been able to come up with anything.
The female God makes ponies cutie marks.
So what does the male God do?

I'm sure if I could find him a job I can think of a name.

Any ideas?
check this person out!!!
OPEN 6/6 SET PRICE PONIES by stemranch
these adopts are really cool
they have 12 open right now.
and not to expensive either!
give them a look see.
they are fairly new according to their page
they def need more watchers!
if your not interested but you watch them please
feature them.

sorry for so many journals

Wed Jan 18, 2017, 2:41 PM
        i really need to vent or something...
feeling kinda down today.
mostly cause yesterday i saw that there is a new DTA bagbean
and im bummed because although she is draw to win
there is hardly any chance i will win her.

gotta be honest with myself.
alot of people want her
even people who have a bagbean already are going to try for her.
thats their right and all..but im just like wow im not going to win.
im not.

i keep trying to tell myself its not worth it
you wouldnt draw her enough.
someone else would love her more.
all that...

and though i agree...i still want her.
so im going to try for her anyways
but already some really great entries have gone up and im just
that much more sad about it.

i dont know why this is hitting me so hard.
a few hours ago i was okay with it...

sadly i dont want to try for any more of these in the group.
i love the species and although they are closed and expensive, there are ways to get one cheaper
or through group achievements...
i just doubt id ever get that far.

sorry for just making random posts.
you dont have to read this.
im really just bummed because i dont feel like im good enough
and that makes me feel shitty and feeling shitty makes me feel worse.
i dont like this shit..
im not like this.

not even sure this is really the issue.


    so yesterday i learned im an
INFJ personality.
apparently its rare.
this made me realize some things about the possibility
of me being slightly Agoraphobic.
for people who don't know what that is, im scared to leave the house.

ive not gone to a doctor or anything but i knew i had anxiety.
most of the anxiety happens as im planning to leave the house.
EX: getting ready to go the store, getting ready to go to work, going to drive by myself.

these things make me feel very small. i get this distinct idea that im too young to be doing that sort of thing!
when in reality im an adult and i really shouldn't be freaking out to go to places i don't hate.
i love my job. i only work on weekends and its great.
but i get so anxious i cant eat anything.
and yeah, every time this happens to me or these events occur i get sick to my stomach.
sad but true.

the best example of the situation i can give is
imagine a very excited dog!
the dog is just so happy it releases its bowels right there.
I've had a happy to see you dog who makes puddles.
its cute but yes messy.

well.. i manage to leave the house and once im driving its not so bad, though im pretty scared the whole time. so although i feel i might have this fear its not nearly as bad as some people might have it.

i also learned that once again Buddhism is very inspiring to me.
something about how clean it is really makes me feel better about things in the world.

it also makes me realize there are lots of things about the world and these people on it that don't seem to realize how great it is...the world that is.

i plan to go see yellow stone park some time soon.
im sure going there will really put the world into perspective.

sorry this is so long.
im just in a strange place.

a little bit yesterday i felt sad and for once i didn't know why. i hadn't been thinking of anything in particular.
and no it wasn't anything obvious. im not on my cycle. i think my internal feelings are a bit skewed for some reason. like im searching for some answer
but i haven't asked the question yet.

that seems very deep to me...
my goal for the year is still to make friends.
now if only i could bring myself to get on the computer more often.

hope you guys are having a good day.
thanks for reading if you did.


where do your ideas come from?

Tue Jan 3, 2017, 6:19 AM
i feel like I've lost my imagination
not for a super bad reason or anything.
im married and my life is so nice that i don't have to imagine a better one
my spouse is flawed and that makes him perfect
i try to picture where a story starts and that's fades away from me.

am i trying to hard?

i dunno what to really do about this.
im considering asking a few popular artists on here about the whole thing...
not sure that's gonna help.
im 26 and ill be 27 in April...i don't think its the fact that im getting older.
im not particularly stressed.
i do have a small PTSD issue but until today it hadn't happened in a while.

i feel like im missing something...

you don't have to read this part but just some context.
i use to think up or day dream a story before bed, like while i was laying there with my eyes closed.
and that would help me drift off to sleep.
i cannot seem to do that. i tried last night because i was having a hard time getting to sleep.
in the end i just ended up counting...

if anyone has any ideas id be grateful.
hell if you have a book or post or something for me to read on the subject that would be great!

i feel so lost.

CLOSED! Sorta BIG news *free art*

Thu Dec 29, 2016, 11:27 AM

im about to start a daily schedule for myself.
to help with freelance art and just daily goals.

if i can manage to do this for a whole month then im planning to give
Patreon a try.

ive never been consistent with drawing daily but ive been doing pretty well.
my biggest issue is finding ideas to draw these days.
so im going to end up just drawing anything.
expressions, side views hell if i can draw a head shot a day im good!

so with that being said tomorrow is the start of the schedule.
im going to need things to work on, so im
doing this expression + character chart thing.…
sorry if its hard to see.
dont hover over the page with the mouse and it stays solid.

so comment here or on tumblr with a character (your own or one from a show) and one of the expressions.
im going to sketch them tomorrow.
and ill post saturday.
weekends are my days of since i actually do paid work at the horse ranch those days.

i hope you guys like this.
it is free.


thanks for reading.


looking to sell or trade Breezie adopts CLOSED!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 27, 2016, 11:29 AM
:star: scarab is taken/on hold :star:

Game Theme Breezie Adopt #8 - Katamary Damacy by Contra-Adopts Mystery Scarab Terran Adopt by FuyusFox

i adopted these two and although i really loved the designs
i never got around to drawing them.
i really want a Skimmer from the species. id be willing to trade for one i like.
id also be willing to sell them.
though they wont go for much since i didn't pay much.
$20 for the scarab guy (the right one)
and $25 for the one on the left.
i dont think anyone wants to buy but if you do let me know
i have paypal.
ill also accept points in the same amount.
comment below with any trades.

i keep looking for someone to commission or maybe art trade with who could help me
with my oc i need to get her a new hair style so i can get to work with her.
i suck at hair styles gahhh!
im just bummed because i keep seeing artists who i thought were just starting out here on DA
and they are so popular they can just do auctions for anything! and people are buying it up...
me i cant even get anyone to art trade with me.

let alone commission me.

what am i doing wrong?

AT with toxicorion by SunButtCoyote AT Amethyst shine by SunButtCoyote
anyone want to Art trade with me. just sketches.
still open...
looking for something to do.
i cannot get better without feed back...though i dont want like tons of criticism i just
want to know
what can i draw to get people interested in my art?

i use to be in the invader zim fandom...that was pretty weird and
i got tons of watchers from it...when i first started DA it was really a big deal and i had lots of feed back.

this time around im pretty much drawing ponies most of the time...and although there are tons of
artists doing this..i feel like im the only one not doing very well at this.

no one seems to care

ive always thought maybe its because people dont like the designs the way i do...just matter of opinions and all that.
but now im starting to think
its because im not in a fandom...

obviously mlp is a fandom...but maybe i need to just do something else

any ideas?